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A lively tour in a tea garden, picnic in peacefull area and sightseeing stops short hikes along delicate slopes, or explore the close by woods – enjoy all this and more in the greenery of Illam. 

A fantastic escape from city life, Ilam is renowned for its tea. It is a district largely covered in tea shrubs with a slope town directly next to a state appreciating views on unblemished scenes made up of inclining tea gardens, mountain streams, thick regular timberlands, sacred destinations and a one of a kind culture. Utilizing Ilam Bazaar as a base you can take outings for a day or more. There are numerous lodgings in the town and a couple of resorts a short separation away in the tea gardens.

Ilam area is in far eastern Nepal, north of Jhapa and has West Bengal (India) in the east. Ilam town is a calm little slope town and fascinating spots to visit are the viewing tower, not a long way from the town and Mai Pokhari which is an hour’s drive away. Various types of fish are found in the little lake. Local guests go to Kanyam Tea Estate for horse riding, climbs, and picnics.

women picking tea leaves

Ilam is perhaps the richest locale in Nepal with regards to social decent variety, regular scene, and a flourishing cash crop industry. Potato, cardamom, ginger, red round chilly, milk, and floor brush grass are the significant cash crops, with tea being the greatest business. Researchers visit Ilam for botanical and anthropological research. 

When Is The Best Time To Visit Illam?

While the subtropical atmosphere of Ilam guarantees great climate a large portion of the year, aside from during the storm when overwhelming downpours immerse a large portion of Nepal, the best time to visit is between October to December also from February to April. 

Rises in the Ilam region run between 140 m to 3,636 m above ocean level. Ilam is once in a while called Charkhol (zone of four rivers) in view of the four primary rivers of far east Nepal- the Jogmai, Puwamai, Mai, and Deaumai in the district. 

Lepchas were previously the dominating ethnic gathering in this district. A Lepcha museum is being worked at Antu and there are plans to make it broad. Ilam reflects the rich social and cultural heritage of individuals living in harmony. The significant ethnic gatherings living in Ilam are Brahmins and Chettris, Magars, Gurungs, Rais, Limbus, and Sherpas. The majority of the land is covered in tea bushes and the tea business is developing at a fast pace with trades arriving at numerous nations in Europe and the U.S.

fikkal tea state

Places to Visit around Illam

Shree Antu

At an altitude of 5,500 feet (1677 meters), Antu Danda is calmly situated on the lower regions of Mt. Kanchenjunga, the world’s third-highest mountain peak. As the best scenic viewpoint for dawn and dusk, Mt. Everest is noticeable from here on a clear day. Antu Pokhari and rich green tea gardens are different attractions of Shree Antu Danda. Traveler appreciates moving around the normal lake lying near Samalbung VDC. There is a facility of boating in the lake for the visitors. Tourists get pulled in to the lake as it is encompassed by excellent tea gardens from all sides. Sightseers lose the track of time while sailing in a sound and cold condition and having snaps by playing find the stowaway in the tea gardens. The thick timberland is additionally a home boar, bunnies, spiny, babblers, Kalij – fowls, jackals, deer, dove, sim hounds, porcupines, eagles, and owls. With a driveable street from Ilam to Chhipitar, trekking along the green slopes takes 3 hours.

Sunrise from antu dada illam

Mai Pokhari

Mai Pokhari, at an altitude of around 8,000 feet (2,438 meters), houses a wonderful lake and nine ponds, some even huge enough for boats. It is surrounded by dense forest a fir, juniper, birch, pine and a variety of flora and fauna. Mai Pokhari is a strict and verifiable spot with a 9-cornered lake as the fundamental fascination. The lake is viewed as the consecrated house Goddess Bhagawati. Various types of therapeutic plants, groups, and orchids, generally for investigating and trial reason for existing, are developed in the Mai Pokhari region. Uncommon creatures like the musk deer, panther, porcupine, jackal just as various transitory feathered creatures and uncommon creepy crawlies are additionally found in the territory. Individuals from various pieces of Nepal visit Mai Pokhari in Ilam for yearly celebrations on Kartik Ekadasi which falls in October or November. Mai Pokhari is around one and a half-hour drive from Ilam Bazaar.

Mai Pokhari Illam

Kanyam and Fikkal

While in transit to Illam Bazaar, Kanyam and Fikkal have enormous tea homes that have made Illam well known for in excess of a hundred years. These tea gardens are well known among vacationers for Picnicking, touring, and photography. Fikkal is a business focus in eastern Illam and on the Mechi Highway prompting Illam. It is additionally the intersection from where one can go toward the eastern border city Pashupatinagar nearby Darjeeling area of India. Indian and Nepali nationals can traverse the opposite side of the fringe with legitimate archives. 

Siddhi Thumka

Siddhi Thumki (1,800m) offers great perspectives on sunrise and sunsets from its height. You can likewise observe the Terai flatlands the Mahabharat go and the Churia mountain extend from this zone. Siddhi Thumka is around a 3-hours trek from Illam Bazaar. 


Chhintapu (3,353m) is the second-highest top in the Illam locale. About 11 assortments of rhododendron, rare herbs, imperiled types of creatures like the musk deer and red panda are found around there. Mt Kanchenjunga, the third most elevated top on the planet, and most pieces of Illam can be seen from here.

Mt. Kanchanchanga from Illam

Home to best tea production in the nation and an excellent sloping locale. Illam has numerous tea homes and some of them have begun offering convenience to travelers too. Kanyam, is the most notable and wonderful tea bequest. One can visit Ilam View Tower at Panitanki and Gadi is another acceptable spot for incredible perspective on the slopes and encompassing tea gardens. Viewpoint in Ilam offers captivating views of the Ilam Bazaar and the remote villages nearby. There’s also a daal bhaat restaurant where you can have food and drinks. 

So don’t miss out to visit Illam. If you have any query feel free to comment down. 

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