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Mustang Trekking in Nepal Himalayas!

Mustang is one of the old and ancient spots to visit in Nepal. Nowadays, consequently, the quantity of individuals visiting Mustang has expanded hugely. Upper Mustang trekking has been as well known as Everest and Annapurna trekking as of late. Numerous trekkers around the globe visit Nepal to have fantastic trekking experience to Mustang. Bronco is very famous among local

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Manakamana Devi Temple

Manakamana Temple Tour is a well-known visit among the Hindus since it takes them to Manakamana Devi, who is a goddess that will satisfy their desires. Numerous enthusiasts have their desires satisfied by her. Manakamana isn’t just her name; it is the name of a spot. Manakamana is a heavenly spot, halfway situated, to which the aficionados from the northern

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Janakpur has been referenced in the Ramayana as the origin of Sita, Ram’s wife. As Ram is believed to be the manifestation of Lord Vishnu, Sita is accepted to be the manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi. It is said that Ram and Sita met in Janakpur and eventually got married here. Janakpur is one of the blessed holy places on the